Electronic Cigarettes

Finding Out how an Electronic Cigarette Works

An E-cig, as some will call it, has three primary parts. Those parts consist of the atomizer, cartridge and the battery. The electronic cigarette uses heat to vaporize a propylene glycol based liquid solution to form a mist. The user can then exhale the mist just like he would with regular smoke. The heating is the exact same process that would be used in a humidifier. The heater that heats the liquid is called an Atomizer. E-cigarette atomizers will eventually need to be replaced because they wear out. Your device will not be able to function properly until that unit, the Atomizer, is replaced.

The cartridge works very similar to a mouth piece. This cartridge is a small plastic container with openings at each end. Inside there is a sponge that holds the liquid solution that is vaporized. You will always be replacing these because once the solution runs out you will need to insert another in order for your electronic cigarette to work. Some devices can be used without the cartridge by directly allowing the user to pour the e-juice into the atomizer. This technique is called "dripping" and requires a special mouthpiece to make the process easier.

The liquid that is used in the cartridges contains the nicotine that will be ingested. E-juice is the name of the solution used. The normal cigarette types, tobacco and menthol, are available and specialty flavors are also possible to use. Some of these flavors include chocolate, vanilla and various fruit flavors. There are also specialty liquids that try to mimic the flavor of popular brands of cigarettes. It is also important to know that each liquid has a specific and designated concentration of nicotine. These come in 6mg to 36mg and if you gradually lower your amount of nicotine over time you will be able to eliminate the need to use any type of nicotine product.

All of the batteries in ecigarettes are rechargeable lithium batteries. The battery is usually the largest part of the electronic cigarette. There is an airflow sensor within this battery that triggers the batter to turn on when it’s in use. This prevents the battery from dying and overheating. Electronic cigarettes will come with a variety of different rechargeable options to choose from. AC outlet, car charger and USB are the most common charging options for an e-cigarette. The final option for a battery is an e-cigarette that is USB-tethered. These E-cigarettes require no battery, but will not work unless they are plugged into a USB port.

Most electronic cigarettes are designed to look like an actual cigarette, but some of them also made to resemble a ballpoint pen. They also come in two different variations, reusable or disposable. The reusable electronic cigarettes come with refillable parts to allow for someone to continue using the same e-cigarette. The refillable parts are available to buy at the same locations that the electronic cigarettes were purchased. The disposable ones can only be used until the solution runs out. These cannot have the solution refilled therefore it becomes useless.